10 Things to Consider if you Don't Protect your Brand: Part 1(1-5)

The issues that could arise following ICANN’s decision to release thousands of new domain name extensions (gTLDs) from late 2013 onwards are unprecedented.

The scale of the situation has never been seen before, so we’ve outlined ten major points you should be aware of when considering the future of your brand online.

For your first instalment, here’s five things you should definitely consider for the good of your brand.

1. The Great gTLD Rush

Way back in the 1800s one man had the good fortune of striking gold in California. 300,000 opportunists then made the trip to America’s east coast.

Soon we’ll be encountering a 21st century gold rush online for domain name extensions: The Great gTLD rush. And it promises to be every bit as explosive.

In fact it could go positively nuclear.

It’s 2013. Internet connections are found on all continents, news travels faster than ever and business is increasingly online.

Competition will be fierce.

So when ICANN begin publicly releasing new gTLDs, or domain name extensions, it would be nice to have a full pan and be on your way to the bank. After all, some of these new extensions such as the sector and location-based gTLDs (.shop or .London for example) could really give your business the Midas touch.

If you protect your brand through SSL247® you get privileged access to the new extensions

However, leave your trademark unprotected and you’re left scrapping with competitors in the midst of a truly global gTLD rush.

2. Consider brand protection through the lens of a Kodak

So what has a camera company got to do with brand protection?

Well Kodak spent over a year battling with a cyber-squatter over Kodak.ru.

A somewhat entrepreneurial Russian gentleman was using Kodak.ru to flog his own electronics.

One whole year of valuable time wasted.

Not to mention the countless resources for over 20 lawsuits and legal proceedings.

Despite the situation coming to a satisfactory conclusion for Kodak, this cyber-squatter proved a thorn in the side not all companies could remove and recover from.

And remember, this was before the gTLD rush…

With an unprecedented quantity of new extensions set for release, there is only one defence against this becoming commonplace.

You guessed it: brand protection.

You’ll be notified if anyone is trying to register your brand’s trademark. Plus, you’ll have early access to all the new extensions you want anyway.

As cheesy as it sounds, brand protection’s sure to keep the smile on your face.

3. Squatter’s rights

You’re too late.

That domain you really wanted is in the clutches of a cyber-squatter.

Someone who recognised its value, acted quickly and is now sitting on a nest egg like a proud hen.

Of course it’s available. For a price. A largely inflated one.

That’s the problem, evicting squatters really is a costly process.

If it’s not a case for the courts, they are pretty much free to charge as they please.

So pre-empt an expensive eviction with our brand protection service to get exclusive access to the gTLDs you really care about.

4. The wrong kind of exposure

It’s very easy for your brand’s image to suffer if not properly protected.

It could fall into the hands of competitors… or worse.

And controlling what happens next will be as easy as holding smoke…

A lot of people have already purchased .xxx as a precaution, but now ICANN have accepted applications for .porn and .adult.

You may need to protect your brand from the darker side of the internet before your visitors get more than they bargained for…

5. Don't be the bait on a phishing trip

“The new gTLDs are goimg to be great.“

Did you notice that spelling mistake?

Phishers use our tendency to skim-read as an effective technique of reeling us in. And your brand could well end up as the juicy worm on the end of their hook.

See, if I register www.SSL247.cam and set it up to look like www.SSL247.com, I can use it to land customers’ details.

Names, email addresses, residency addresses, credit card details, secure passwords. Everything – a complete haul.

The consequences are disastrous for your brand’s reputation. Can you ever be trusted again?

Register through SSL247®’s brand protection service and no one will be phishing in your waters.

You’re immediately notified if someone even attempts to register a domain name matching your trademark.

So make sure you catch phishers out today by opting for SSL247®’s brand protection.

Part two coming soon

Next week we'll deal with potential hair-loss and chronic monotony. Who'd have thought new gTLDs could have so many implications?

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Posted on Wednesday 16 October 2013 by Ryan Cordell

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