89% fail to put their customers at ease during checkout

According to recent research from web research organisation, Baymard Institute, 89 of the world’s 100 top e-commerce sites fail to put consumers at ease on their payment pages.

Despite SSL encryption and the use of site seals during the checkout process, consumers said they wouldn’t feel confident parting with their credit card details on any of the 89 sites.

So why did these websites fail to assure consumers they were secure? In all cases, this lack of confidence was due to the design of the websites’ payment pages and the proximity of their site seals to the credit card fields.

The 11% of businesses that got it right in Baymard Institute’s research all placed site seals next to payment fields. The design of their payment pages also created a more ‘robust’ impression by using symbols such as padlocks and borders or background colours to make payment sections look more official.

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