Live IoT Hacking of Medical Devices Performed by our CREST-Accredited Penetration Tester

Live IoT Hacking of Medical Devices

A live-hacking demonstration of medical IoT devices performed by one of our CREST accredited registered testers, Loic Castel. Innovations in IoT have taken great strides to improve user experience, but to what extent can the security of these devices be compromised and what steps can be taken to secure them?

Performed on two medical devices, a smart breathalyser, and a smart electro stimulator, our penetration tester simulated the process of an attack and the implications surrounding it.

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Our approach to discovering and exploiting security flaws on IoT devices
  • Live-hacking demonstrations and explanations of the impact
  • Conclusion and proposals on how secure an IoT should be in the future
  • Q&A session

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    Posted on Tuesday 08 October 2019 by Sayeeda Miah

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