SSL247® achieves ISO 27001:2013 registration


We are pleased to announce that in October 2014, SSL247® achieved the internationally recognised ISO 27001:2013 accreditation, delivered by The British Assessment Bureau, demonstrating our commitment to customer service and quality in delivery.

One of SSL247®s highest priorities is ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of all our customers’ data and this accreditation proves that we can securely manage their data and that we are following ISO 27001:2013 information security best practices.

“We’re proud to have achieved this independent certification as it demonstrates our level of commitment to implementing the tightest security controls and the emphasis we place on the confidentiality and security of our clients’ electronic data.”

- Amélie Blaudin De Thé, HR/Office Manager of SSL247®

Security breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace. In a survey by independent research company Liebermann, it was found that 39% of IT staff could get unauthorised access to their organisation’s most sensitive information. This startling statistic proves how easily confidential information can be distributed and highlights the importance of company’s adhering to ISO 27001:2013 guidelines.

What is ISO 27001:2013?

The independent assessment was conducted by the leading Certification Body, The British Assessment Bureau.

ISO 27001, developed as a best practice standard by experts and target users, enables organisations to formalise and verify that information security risks are properly identified and managed. It is designed to help establish and maintain an effective information management system, using a continual improvement approach; certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained. Recognised internationally, achieving this certification provides formal credibility that companies take the protection of their client’s information very seriously.

The 2013 version of ISO 27001 is the latest version of the internationally recognised information security standard.

What does ISO 27001:2013 mean for you?

Being ISO 27001:2013 certified gives a quality assurance that your sensitive information such as customer data (VAT number, emails, post addresses, technical/administrative and billing details, and contacts, DNS settings, domain names, backups etc.) are managed in a secure manner, and provides you with complete peace of mind when you are purchasing with us.

You can be confident in the consistency in the delivery of our service and products (SSL certificates, HAPRESENTATION

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Posted on Wednesday 26 November 2014 by Hannah Smith

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