SSL247® wins the award for the “European Symantec Champion 2014”

SSL247® wins the award for the “EMEA Symantec Champion 2014”

During the Symantec Platinum Partner Roundtable – the exclusive annual event in Dubai held for Symantec’s biggest and key European partners, SSL247® had the honour of winning the prestigious, exclusive, and highly acclaimed, “EMEA Symantec Champion 2014” award. This award defines our status as the largest, most dedicated partner in Europe and we are proud to be formally acknowledged as a major European player in the industry. It represents not only the excellence of our expertise but also the wealth of knowledge we provide to our customers on a daily basis.

“We are thrilled to award SSL247® with the prestigious EMEA Symantec Champion Award for 2014. They exemplify what it means to be a trusted business advisor and this award is testament to their high levels of service, their expert knowledge and their consultative approach.”

- Philip Antoniadis, Director of Global Partner Sales, Symantec Website Security Solutions

Some of your dedicated SSL247® Web Security Consultants at our London office

With 10 successful years of collaboration with Symantec, the undisputed leader in Web Security, this award proves that our long-standing partnership has reached great heights. We have achieved our goal of becoming web security specialists who are acknowledged for their extensive knowledge and outstanding expertise in the industry.

…And here we are today in 2014 with the exclusive title of "EMEA Symantec Champion", recognising the effort and expertise of a team involved in 12 markets across Europe and worldwide.

"Our partnership with Symantec has today reached new heights. We are proud of this award which recognises the efforts of an entire team and our desire to be at the top of the industry. We are not content to be mere resellers like our competitors and we provide each of our clients with a personalised web security audit. This award proves that no other company can offer the same specialist, bespoke service which SSL247® can provide."

- Timothée Brogniart, Sales Director - SSL247®
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Winning this award proves that we are among the best in Europe, so why choose any other? At SSL247® we have a team of dedicated consultants waiting to advise and support you through the entire process, from purchasing the right SSL and Digital IDs certificates to monitoring and renewal of the products.

All of our Web Security specialists have the best security accreditations, so you are guaranteed to receive the highest level of expertise possible. We are Platinum partners with leading global Certification Authorities: Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, GlobalSign and now Comodo to offer you a complete range of Web Security solutions. All of these solutions are easily manageable with MySSL®, a free product management platform which gives you full control of all your certificate purchases, making it easy for you to buy, renew and reissue existing SSL certificates.

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So, what are you waiting for? Our new status of EMEA Symantec Champion demonstrates the quality and value of our service. It has been tested and endorsed by more than 7,000 customers, and this number is increasing daily.

Who better than the "EMEA Symantec Champion" to advise you? Become one of our satisfied customers now by contacting one of our dedicated consultants:

null 0204 519 2097 (London office)

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Posted on Wednesday 24 September 2014 by Hannah Smith

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