Do you have a site seal your customers can trust?

We’ve just come across some very interesting findings from a recent study carried out by the online research organisation – Baymard Institute.

When 2,510 online users were asked last month which site seal they would trust most when paying online, the vast majority chose the Norton Secured Seal. The Thawte site seal was also up there among the most popular signs of online security.

With Norton being the world leader in online security, this comes as no surprise to us at SSL247. But what is interesting is that participants in the study made their preferences purely on gut instinct – choosing the site seal which they most recognised. This shows that well known and trusted visual cues – such as site seals and Extended Validation – are vital if you want to show your customers that they are safe to transact on your site.

Why not take a minute to look at your payment or data capture pages – and ask yourself: do you have a site seal your customers can trust? Is there an easily recognised visual sign of security? If you answer ‘no’ to either one of these, why not get in touch for impartial and expert security advice today?

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