The webinar "Migrate to SHA-2: implications & next steps" is now available

As we already informed you, the transition to SHA-2 is essential to keep users' trust on websites. Seeing the numerous questions raised among you regarding the transition, and keen to help you migrate your SHA-1 certificates as smoothly as possible, SSL247® decided to organise a webinar on this topic.

This webinar was held on the 25th of March. Once again, we would like to thank all the attendees. As announced during the presentation, we uploaded the recording online. Whether you wanted to attend the webinar but could not make it or you just wanted to have another look at the presentation, you can now find the recording on YouTube:

You can also download the presentation in a PDF format

The webinar focuses on helping you:

  • Understand what is at stake with the SHA-2 transition
  • Know when to migrate your SSL certificates

If you have any question or request, feel free to contact our experts on 0203 143 4120 or at

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Posted on Friday 27 March 2015 by Méline Keoxay

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