Twitter: celebrating five years of malware

Who knew Tweets of just 140 characters could cause so much trouble? But as Twitter gets ready to celebrate its fifth birthday, security company Kaspersky Lab takes a look back at the social networks security glitches.

The glitch list includes a malware campaign in 2009, where Tweeters were tricked into visiting bogus exclusive video sites only to be infected with Malware, and a vulnerability in SMS authentication which allowed users to update someone else’s status via text message, back in 2007.

Timothy Armstrong, Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab says; “As a result [of these security lapses], Twitter had to adopt a number of new security policies, and now includes such security options as default Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connectivity."


Sites like Twitter need to be proactive in tackling malware. Luckily, SSL certificates from VeriSign now come with free daily malware scanning.

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