Websites across the world increase their transactions up to 87% thanks to VeriSign EV

Dozens of sites around the world have experienced an uplift in transactions ranging from 5% to 87% thanks to VeriSign EV SSL certificates.

Online proofreading company, Papercheck, has been blown away by their results. Since switching to a VeriSign EV SSL certificate, their visitors are 87% more likely to complete the Papercheck online registration process.

“We were blown away by the impact of EV. An 87% higher registration rate is tremendous. We never thought we’d see that big a lift. What an incredible return on investment!” Darren Shafae, Founder and Vice President of Paper-Check.Com, LLC.

VeriSign EV SSL certificates turn address bars green in the latest browsers, giving visitors an instant sign of security. The green address bar coupled with the VeriSign trusted site seal is the number one mark of online trust. VeriSign has two EV SSL certificates: VeriSign Secure Site with EV and VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV.

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