Brand Protection

Since 2013 new gTLD extensions (generic top-level domains) have been made available to the general public, presenting fantastic growth opportunities for businesses - and cybersquatters. Cybersquatters will frequently register a domain in bad faith and impersonate legitimate sites - like yours - to exploit consumers at the expense of others, often resulting in an expensive eviciton process that does not prevent the issue from repeating itself.

Discover the risks of not protecting your trademark here and here.

How the SSL247® brand protection service benefits you

The Brand Protection Service offered through SSL247® – by ICANN - is a service that proactively prevents cybersquatters from accessing your trademark. The service enables registered trademark owners to effectively block domain and gTLD registrations before they can be completed and is accomplished by two interconnecting services – DPML and TMCH.


“Trademark Clearing House” (TMCH) enables registered trademark owners to register new gTLDs before they are made publically available, prioritising the needs of trademark owners over unregistered parties– known as the “Sunrise period," and is the first phase of availability:

  • Sunrise Period – Registered trademark owners have exclusive access to new gTLDs
  • Landrush Period – gTLDs are publically availability at a premium price
  • General Availability – gTLDs are publically available for a reduced price

The “Domain Protected Marks List” (DPML) is a service available only to those registered for the TMCH service and protects your domain name defensively.

Clients registered for the DPML service receives notifications when an attempt to register a domain containing their registered trademark is made. Upon receiving the notification, clients can either register the domain first - subsequently blocking the registration attempt – or allow the attempt to succeed by taking no action.

Your ideal brand protection agent is SSL247®

Who better to protect your online reputation than the multi-award winning web security consultants? Not only is brand protection increasingly difficult to manage, it is also increasingly crucial to ensure your business's continuity - reputationally and financially.

By choosing SSL247®’s multi-award winning consultants as your brand protection agents, you can benefit from:

  • Our partnership with the Trademark Clearinghouse.
  • Our privileged access to ICANN services.
  • Our dedication to personally review all your documents before sending them off.
  • Personalized consultancy support providing complete transparency, no confusion or misunderstandings.

By safeguarding your online trademark, you can prevent others from negatively impacting your brand and enables your business to concentrate solely on what truly matters - unhindered growth.

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