GlobalSign Code Signing

GlobalSign Code Signing

By binding your identity to the software, any changes made will cause a warning message to be displayed before it's opened. Code can be intercepted and injected with malware which could damage your recipient's digital health.

It has the same legal standing as a hand-signed document and will remove any "unknown publisher" security warnings. This will help you build up trust and improve relationships between you and your recipient. They know it's from you, and they know it's trustworthy

Reassurance for developers

  • No more Unknown Publisher warnings
  • Timestamping service means your signature won't expire
  • Unlimited app signing
  • Supported platforms include:
    • MS Authenticode
    • Adobe AIR
    • Apple
    • Mozilla & Netscape
    • MS Office & VBA
    • Java

Experience what GlobalSign Code Signing will do for your business today

You can also consult the Code Signing section of our Knowledge Base.