Premium domain names

A premium domain name could turbo-charge your business 

With an online business the perfect domain name can really set you apart from your competitors. We’re talking perfect in terms of length, keywords, and memorability. 

Here's some reasons why a premium domain could be the rocket fuel your business really needs to take off:

Your business’ web presence will match your offline professionalism

If you opt for a premium domain name your business will enjoy greater web credibility. They instil greater confidence in potential customers than long winded URLs complete with ugly configurations of randomly generated numbers. 

A majority of customers will avoid or ignore a URL that doesn’t look professional. 

Increase the chances of visitors stumbling upon your website

You also greatly boost the chance of new customers stumbling upon your website. Because your domain name is shorter and made up of generic terms, customers will visit your website just by typing your domain name in the URL bar, presuming your website exists. 

For example, someone looking to purchase cheap computers might type directly into the URL: (also known as type-in traffic). If that’s your premium domain name then you’re in the money. If you settled for a cheaper alternative such as the chances of someone stumbling on your website are remote at best. 

Save yourself money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

You'll greatly enhance your chances of “exact matches” in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). 

Exact match domains (EMDs) rank well simply because they contain the keyword in the domain. Because they contain short keywords (typically two words) they rank higher in SERPs. 

With a premium domain you can effectively save yourself a heap of money on SEO, because your EMD does all the work for you.

Premium Domains retain their value

Decided you want to sell on? Well good news, you won’t be faced with a disappointing loss. A lot of the time, the reason they are premium in the first place is because domainers sit on them as an investment.

Like with real estate, you can consider making a profit with your digital property. 

Any initial investment in the perfect domain name will more than likely be outweighed by the long-term financial benefits of a premium web address. Both in terms of saving yourself money on SEO and increased revenue from greater volumes of traffic owing to higher standards of professionalism and “type-in” traffic.

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It doesn't need to be complicated does it?

We endeavour to make it as simple as you could wish for.

We provide Premium Domain Name suggestions or you can simply search for the one you’ve already set your heart on.

It’s easy really. Just like ordering regular domain names – effortless searching and ordering from your MySSL® portal with a dedicated account manager thrown in, to offer a hand or words of wisdom (should you need it).

He or she’ll also make it their mission to get your domain name registered and transferred to your account as quickly as possible. But waiting times can differ depending on the TLD, so it pays to have a contactable consultant so you can monitor its progress.

Ultimately, we feel you shouldn’t expect anything less than top notch support. Just because business isn’t face to face doesn’t mean providers should be comfortable slacking on service. That’s just doesn’t sit right with us. So we ensure you’ve got a friendly, reliable, and expert helping hand.

Here’s a few more reasons to turn to SSL247® for a premium domain name.

Continuity in service

  • You’ll never just be passed around the account managers depending on who’s free. It’s bizarre that some companies are fine with you wasting your time re-explaining things every time you’re forwarded to a new account manager. We respect your time by providing you dedicated assistance

  • The market is saturated with cowboy traders happy to take your money, but less than keen to help and troubleshoot should anything go wrong. However we’re here to offer that support other companies are so reluctant to supply.  
  • You’ll save yourself time by contacting your account manager on a direct number. This way there’s zero risk of you being subjected to someone else umming and ahhing whilst frantically hunting down your information on the system.

The MySSL® platform

  • We built this platform to allow you to manage all your products simultaneously, 24/7. How’s that for versatile? MySSL® aims to minimise hassle and maximise simplicity.

  • Plus, unlike most management portals, MySSL® isn’t a string of old legacy systems bolted together for a quick fix. This is a modern, powerful management portal designed with your needs in mind. 


So choose a valuable, professional and SEO friendly domain name today for your business. And choose SSL247® - not a cowboy trader - for its maintenance to reduce the chances of umming, ahhing, and frustratingly clunky management systems

The perfect domain name for your business deserves superb service and support to match.

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