Healthcheck: Assess the quality of your infrastructure

Our Healthcheck feature is an advanced component of MySSL®,it measures the quality and effectiveness of your system’s security and infrastructure. Think of it like going to your GP for a check-up without the long wait in the patient’s room. This valuable auditing tool is super quick and efficient when analysing your SSL certificate server configuration. Just like a school exam, we’ll assess the quality of your SSL by giving you an A, B, C etc. Don’t panic, there are no retakes involved but we will give you a full report as to why your infrastructure didn’t quite make the pass mark.

It checks:

  • If the certificate uses a weak hash algorithm
  • If the certificate is properly installed
  • The quality of your server configuration
  • If your certificate is valid
  • If your certificate is trustworthy
  • If your certificate is on the “Certificate Transparency” logs

The Healthcheck verifies the server configuration these settings:

  • If the certificate uses the correct chain
  • Protcol support
  • Key exchange support
  • OCSP support
  • Vulnerability to BEAST, POODLE, FREAK, Logjam and Heartbleed attacks

Any of the following result in a low rating:

  • Invalid certificate
  • Expired certificate
  • Revoked cerificate usage
  • Weak chain
  • Use of vulnerable protocols (SSLv2, SSLv3, TLS 1.0) & cipher suites (RC4)
  • Should you wish to discuss this further don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager. New to MySSL? Register below to discover more on Healthcheck.

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