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Instead of relying on us to remember the unmemorable, long-numbered Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the internet kindly provides a more brain-friendly version; a domain name.

For example, remembering https://www.SSL247.co.uk is much easier than

Think of it like a mobile phone address book. Your phone connects to your contacts via their number – their IP – but your phone translates that number into a user-friendly contact name – like a domain – so you can easily connect with ‘Joe Bloggs’ without having to remember his number. 

When a visitor types your domain into their web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox etc.) they’ll be taken directly to your web page – your piece of the internet.

Unlike a mobile phone address book however, you can’t replicate contact names. Whereas you might have two Joe Bloggs in your address book, you can’t have two www.joebloggs.com. A domain name is unique to the owner and can’t be copied. That’s why they can potentially be big business.

Domain names also grant you the opportunity to have a brain-friendly email address; jbloggs@yourdomain.com, for example. 

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