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Google Chrome 56: HTTPS 

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When did this change take place?

Early this year Google announced that the Chrome 56 browser will brand all unencrypted HTTP sites as “not secure” in the URL. When branding these sites more clearly, Google planned to give reassurance to users when using particular websites. The initiative behind this was because a Google study identified that the indicator did not have an impact on users: a “not secure” warning was deemed more significant. In addition, there will be a red warning triangle to demonstrate that certain sites are not secure.

Why transition to HTTPS:

HTTPS ensures that when a user is browsing a website, the data is encrypted using SSL or TLS. To implement HTTPS, site owners should obtain a digital certificate for each of their sites. Google illustrates that HTTPS usage is growing considerably and a large portion of web traffic has transitioned to HTTPS.

Benefits of encrypting your website:

  • Increase in customer trust
  • A boost in SEO and reduced bounce rates
  • Data encryption by SSL protocol
  • Your organisation or customer’s organisation appears high in google rankings


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