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Install Microsoft IIS 4.0 

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Please follow these instructions to install your SSL certificate on Microsoft Internet Information Services 4.0:

Install your SSL Certificate

1. Once you received your SSL certificate by e-mail, please copy and paste it into a text file (with Notepad or Wordpad) and save the file with the .crt extension. (Include the tags -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----).

2. Go to Key Manager.

3. Install your certificate (from step 1) by clicking on the key in the www directory and select Install Key Certificate.

4. Enter the password.

5. When prompted for bindings, add the IP and port number.

6. Go to the Computers menu and select Commit Changes. Close Key Manager and select Yes.


Install the Intermediate Certificate

Get your intermediate certificate. Copy and paste the contents into a .crt file using a text editor software.

With Service Pack 3

Install the Intermediate Certificate in your Internet Explorer by opening the certificate and clicking Install Certificate.

With Service Pack 4+

1. Double-click on your intermediate certificate.

2. Choose Place all certificates in the following store. Click Browse.

3. Choose Show physical storesIntermediate Certification Authorities and Local Computer.

4. Click OKNext and Finish.

5. Restart your server.

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