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You try to use the Hybrid Configuration Wizard or the Set-HybridConfiguration Exchange Management Shell cmdlet to set up a hybrid deployment. This hybrid deployment is for your on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 or Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment and Microsoft Exchange Online in Office 365.
However, you receive an error message that states that the value of the TlsCertificateName parameter exceeds the maximum limit of 256 characters. The error message resembles the following:
The length of the property is too long. The maximum length is 256 and the length of the value provided is .


This issue occurs if the value of the rangeUpper attribute for the TlsCertificateName parameter contains more than 256 characters. Certificate names can't have more than 256 characters.


If you're running Exchange 2013, install Cumulative Update 3 for Exchange Server 2013. The Cumulative Update 3 package includes an update in which the rangeUpper attribute for the TlsCertificateName parameter limit is increased.

If you're running Exchange 2010, use a certificate from one of our Certification Authorities (CA) with a certificate name that has fewer than 256 characters.