Penetration testing with our accredited experts

All organisations, regardless of size and industry, are potential targets for attacks on their information systems. With all threats deriving from a security defect created during configuration, development or maintenance that has been carried out, it is not only the large corporations that bear the brunt of these attacks and threats. Our security services aim to identify these defects before they turn into exploitable threats.

Our CREST accredited consultants also hold the following certifications, amongst others: OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), OSCE (Offensive Security Certified Expert) and OPST (OSSTMM Professional Security Tester).

With SSL247, you will receive:

Vulnerability assessment - The goal is to highlight the security flaws in a deliberately limited time that mirrors a real-life malicious attack.
Manual tests carried out by our experienced consultants - All tests are carried out manually, by our accredited experts. This allows a more targeted identification of vulnerabilities and analysis based on your specific business needs.
Realistic simulation - Penetration tests should make use of attack tools and methodologies that are comparable to those available to a real-life attacker trying to compromise your systems.

With SSL247, you will receive:

Configuration Review - An extensive security audit of switches, routers and other critical devices on your network.
Source code Review - The most comprehensive audit to identify vulnerabilities in the code of your applications.
Security Architecture Review - An audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your information system’s architecture and security.
…all of which are specifically designed to provide you with actionable insight to mitigate your exposure to both internal or external attacks.

With SSL247, you will receive:

Priority support following an attack - Get your business back up and running.
Malware scanning and analysis - Identifying the extent of attacks with dynamic and static malware analyses.
Information system reconstruction - With actionable insight on system upkeep.
Our priority is to get you back online and enable you take the necessary steps to minimise your exposure to threats.

With SSL247, you will receive:

Social engineering simulations - To challenge your employees’ security awareness.
Phishing to physical intrusion - With one or more consultants attempting to gain access to a company’s premises.
Identify and measure associated risks - With actionable insight to reduce the probability of an attack.
Our simulations educate staff and enable them to identify and neutralise a threat as well as evaluating the probability of a breach due to social engineering.

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About Us

At SSL247 we have nearly 2 decades of web and cyber security experience operating across 18 markets. Using our expertise and emphasis on support we offer all our clients bespoke recommendations. We have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditations, which demonstrates our commitment to customer service and your data security.