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Qualys Consultancy Kit

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Qualys Consultancy Kit

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How do I measure the vulnerabilities and security of my company?

Qualys Consultancy Kit is an auditing solution, created to help businesses with their growing security needs. The objective is to provide the necessary expertise and analysis to monitor your company security to comply with the industry standards, such as PCI DSS.

There are two solutions to choose between, both from only £79 :

Common Benefits

Based on a SaaS solution audit, targeting your IP addresses or URLs, SSL247® will provide you with customised reports based on your audience and needs, and will support you with an approach to vulnerability monitoring.

Consultancy Kit Roadmap and Advantages

SSL247® and Qualys rely on state-of-the-art technology and recognised research laboratories to ensure a daily update of the vulnerability database.

Consultancy Kit Roadmap and Advantages

Why did we choose Qualys?

Qualys is a world leader in security testing, both on networks/infrastructure and web applications. They are aware of the need for agility, especially with the growth of web applications and the challenges involved. Qualys is also the pioneer of testing cloud-based technology.

The company has a large research laboratory and is therefore able to remain at the forefront of threat detection in a rapidly changing environment.

SSL247® chose Qualys for its strong involvement in security and its technological abilities.

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SSL247® is working closely with Qualys to provide you with tailor-made solutions adapted, from only £79.

Solution 1: Managing network vulnerabilities and conformity

Based on your companies public and private IP addresses, Qualys Consultancy Kit allows you to have a complete overview of your infrastructure.

  • Network mapping
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Prioritisation and in-depth investigation
  • PCI DSS compliance support

Solution 2: Web application scanning

This solution focuses on your URLs, with the Qualys Consultancy Kit allowing you to evaluate the security of your applications and websites.

  • List of sub-domains of your Web applications
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Malware detection and patch management
  • Continuous and scalable control

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For more information on the security of your company, please contact one of our consultants for more information:

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