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DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is the premium TLS solution for businesses who take data and indentity security seriously. Secure Site Pro customers have exclusive access to the most comprehensive suite of indutstry leading security tools and features, backed by the world’s leader in digital certificate solutions. Your brand’s reputation is irreplaceable. Can you trust your online identity to anyone but the world’s leading Certificate Authority?

Application and Advantages

From small business to global enterprise, DigiCert Secure Site Pro combines the highest level of security on universally trusted roots with simplified management and award-winning support. DigiCert Secure Site Pro certificates protect your website against both known and future threats with advanced security features like Certificate Transparency (CT) Log Monitoring, Blacklist checking, a Post-quantum Cryptography (PQC) Toolkit and the DigiCert Secured Seal and Norton: Powered by Digicert Seal—the most recognised trust marks on the web.

Before issuing an OV certificate, DigiCert will thoroughly validate the following information:
  • Domain ownership
  • Operational history
  • Physical address

Features and Benefits

  • High validation level (OV)
  • Padlock in browser
  • Support multiple domains
  • Default SAN limit: 250
  • Supports both FQDN and Wildcard SANs
  • Unlimited server licensing
  • Compatible with most browsers and operating systems
  • Protects your website or email traffic with RSA 2048+ encryption or ECC 256+ keys and SHA2-256 signature algorithm
  • Post-quantum cryptography test kit
  • Certificate Transparency (CT) log monitoring
  • URL/domain blacklist scan
  • $2 million Netsure protection warranty for your business
  • Meets PCI compliance requirements for secure credit card transactions
  • Unlimited free reissues for the life of the certificate
  • DigiCert Secure Seal and Norton: Powered by DigiCert Seal.
  • Daily malware scanning.
  • Special extras exclusive to SSL247® customers, including a personal SSL consultant and our 30 day money-back guarantee

Do your customers need assurance and security from DigiCert? Ask us - we're experts

At SSL247®, we are all qualified web security experts . You can speak to one of our friendly SSL consultants now and find out if your business needs the Secure Site Pro Certificate from DigiCert (formerly Symantec Website Security). Call  0204 519 2097 .

On top of this, the DigiCert Secure Site Pro Certificate comes with two other must-have security features, as standard. There’s Daily malware scanning to protect your visitors and your site from malware, as well as Norton’s seal-in-search technology to help you stand out from your competitors in search engine results.

All DigiCert SSL certificates come with seal-in-search as standard - displaying the Norton Seal next to your url in search results. (Driving new business to your website.)

Want to boost confidence to the max… and your sales?

Businesses that own EV certificates tend to enjoy uplifts in their sales or conversions. Why not join them today? Go for a Secure Site Pro EV – and give your customers ultimate assurance and the best security.

Introducing the RSA, DSA and ECC hybrid SSL

Give your visitors safer and faster connection times for no extra charge. DigiCert has introduced Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), it is 12 times stronger than its predecessor – RSA cryptography – where a 256-bit ECC encrypted SSL is equivalent to a 3072-bit RSA. ECC encrypted SSL also has shorter key lengths and consumes less bandwidth – perfect for mobile devices.

256-bit ECC has the equivalent cryptographic strength of a 3072-bit RSA encrypted SSL.

Furthermore, an ECC encrypted SSL from DigiCert combines ECC with RSA or DSA – another new cryptography method – for multiple layers of SSL encryption and higer compatibility rates. Call us today for more information or see HERE for more information regarding ECC.

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