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Our free GeoTrust test certificate will show you what SSL can do for your website, your business and your customers. You can experience the entire process from application to installation today, without spending a penny or committing to anything.

As well as securing your website with encryption of up to 256-bit*, our free 30 day trial will make you benefit from the reputation and expertize of GeoTrust, the second largest provider of digital certificates in the world. And, of course, you’ll also get SSL247®’s highly recommended customer service from our team of friendly and qualified Web Security consultants.

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For 30 days, you’ll get:

  • Domain validation, issued in 10 minutes and no need for any faxed paperwork/company documents
  • A certificate with a chained root
  • Compatibility with 99+% of all browsers
  • Compatibility with most mobile and smartphone browsers
  • Online validation
  • Full account management and technical support from SSL247®
  • A fully-functional SSL certificate. Although this is a 30 day trial SSL certificate, it comes from the same root as other GeoTrust certificates, not a test root. This means there are no error messages and no ‘test only’ warnings
  • The SSL247® 30 day guarantee

Do you need a long-term, professional certificate?

At SSL247®, we pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you choose to upgrade your free test SSL certificate to the True BusinessID certificate, we'll give you one month for free. With this organisationally validated SSL certificate, your organisation will be authenticated, your website secured and your customers shown that your business is trustworthy. Please click here if you’d like to order this certificate.

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Remember, our team of friendly Web Security consultants, who are recognized as official SSL experts, are here to help. If you are short on time, our Wizard will provide you with an SSL recommendation in seconds.

Need more info about SSL? Have a look at the SSL certificates section of our Knowledge Base.