EV SSL Multi-Domain

With Sectigo SSL EV Multi-Domain Certificate (MDC), you only need one certificate to manage all of your domains. Secure multiple fully qualified domains on a single SSL Certificate with the use of Subject Alternative Name (SAN). Gain a competitive edge and the ultimate level of visitor trust with the the green bar of trust and your company name displayed in the address bar.

Sectigo (Formerly Comodo CA)

Benefits and features

  • Extended Validation -The green address bar with your company name to boost customer confidence and improve conversion rates
  • Free base SAN + Free WWW SAN
  • 2 free SANs
  • 499 SANs maximum
  • Issuance time: within 5 working days
  • Subscription up to 6-years
  • Unlimited re-issuance policy and server licenses
  • Trusted by 99.99% of internet browers
  • A $1,750,000 warranty
  • Eliptic Curve Cryptograhy (ECC) encryption

Six-year certificates now available

SSL247 are offering certificates for up to six years, which is designed to save you time, reduce renewal burden and decrease costs. You can learn more about multi-year certificates here.

Sectigo Trust Seal
Included with every Sectigo SSL EV certificate is a free and Sectigo Trust Logo (or Site Seal) to prove to your visitors that your website is secure.

Benefits exclusive to SSL247® customers

  • Access to a dedicated account manager available on a direct line
  • Unrivaled customer service approved by 7,000 satisfied customers, including a free security assessment and an SSL recommendation tailored to your business' needs
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • MySSL®, a simple and risk-free product management portal, making managing your certificate purchases a hassle-free process

Improve your visitors’ trust with Sectigo SSL Extended Validation (EV)

With an EV certificate, the address bar on your visitors’ browsers will turn green and your company name will be displayed. This is today’s most recognisable sign of online security, preferred by 93% of online shoppers. [Source: Symantec] Extended Validation gives your customers the confidence to shop or share personal information on your site, while phishers have an impossible time trying to hijack your brand. That’s two big wins from one single SSL certificate.

EV SSL Certificates

Secure multiple domains with SAN

With Sectigo EV SSL Multi-Domain Certificates, you can secure multiple domains with each and every one of them displaying the green bar of trust and your company name in the address bar. With this SAN certificate, you can secure any combination of domains, machine names or IP addresses. SAN certificates are also suitable for securing different Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Lync, SharePoint, and Office 365.

Need help choosing the right certificate?

At SSL247®, we are experts in web security. If you want advice in choosing the right solution to secure your business online, you can call or email one of our accredited consultants:

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