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Supported Addons
1 year
2 year
SAN Subdomain
1 year
2 year
1 year
2 year
SAN Public IP
1 year
2 year
1 year
2 year
SAN Wildcard
1 year
2 year
1 year
2 year
Included Addons
Malware Scanning Free
Vulnerability Assessment Free
Norton Secured Seal Free
IP Free
Organisation Validation (OV)
Minimum Level of Encryption 128-bit

More Features

Encryption 128-bit
Validation Method Organisation Validation (OV)
Validity Period Up to 2 Years
SAN - Subject Alternative Name
IP - Internet Protocol Addresses
Wildcard - Wildcard Common Names
Refund 30 day money-back guarantee
Warranty $1,500,000
SSL Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Technical Support
Native Speaking Sales Assistant
MySSL® Portal
Technical details
Unlimited Server Licenses
Root 2048-bit
Browser Recognition
Mobile Device Support Supported by 99% of browsers
SHA2-256 Hash algorithm
Google Chrome™, Firefox®, Safari®, Opera browser©, Internet Explorer®, Windows Mobile®, Konqueror®, AOL®, Blackberry®, Mozilla®, Netscape, iPhone®
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  • Register 400+ domain extensions
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  • Industry leading grace and redemption periods
  • No hidden fees

Secure up to twenty five domains with the strongest SSL encryption, with the Symantec Secure Site Pro with SAN certificate.


With Symantec's seal-in-search technology, your website/s will be marked as trusted in search engine results. And your site/s certainly will be trusted with this certificate, because it also comes with SGC and free daily malware scanning.

The Norton Secured Seal will appear next to your url in search engine results.

Benefits and features

Includes new Vulnerability Assessment

All our Symantec (formerly VeriSign) SSL certificates now come with a built-in Vulnerability Assessment as standard. Strengthening your website’s security, the Vulnerability Assessment identifies and quickly fixes the most critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. This, added to the many other outstanding security features from Symantec, will give you the most secure SSL solution in the world today. Contact us to find out more.

SSL247® is an official expert in the Symantec SAN Certificate range

Your company's and your customers' security depends on the SSL certificate you choose, so it's important you make the right decision. We are here with our officially accredited expert SSL advice to help. You can speak to one of our friendly SSL specialists now on .

Important: Due to new policy requirements, SSL certificates with SAN can't secure local domains anymore. Please contact us for more information.

Want an SSL certificate that can help boost your sales?

By making your customers feel completely at ease on your site/s, they are more likely to shop with you or share personal information with you online. Organisation Validation boosts customer confidence – and has been found to increase sales time and time again.

For both strong encryption and Organisation Validation, choose the Secure Site Pro with SAN

The RSA, DSA and ECC hybrid solution

Your customers and visitors can now experience safer and faster sessions for no extra charge. Symantec has rolled out a new form of cryptography – Elliptic Curve Cryptography – at the end of 2013, it is 12 times stronger than its predecessor – RSA cryptography – where a 256-bit ECC encrypted SSL is equivalent to a 3072-bit RSA. ECC encrypted SSL also has shorter key lengths and consumes less bandwidth – perfect for mobile devices.

Furthermore, an ECC encrypted SSL from Symantec combines ECC with RSA or DSA – another new cryptography method – for multiple layers of SSL encryption and higer compatibility rates.

Call us today for more information regarding any of the encryption methods available to you for greater detail about ECC. You can also download the ECC fact sheet created by our partner Symantec.

Need some impartial advice?

Our London-based team are here to help you choose the right SSL certificate and, as the UK's leading SSL consultants, and SSE/SSE+ accredited experts our advice is completely impartial and our service unrivalled. Try out SSL247 for yourself today:

null  (London Office)

"Symantec works with partners who have experience, professionalism and a track record of excellent customer service. SSL247 exceeds all of our requirements in these areas." Cathal Moyne, Symantec

Need more info about SSL? Have a look at the SSL certificates section of our Knowledge Base.


Norton seals are viewed more than half a billion times a day on more than 100,000 websites in 170 countries and in search results on enabled browsers, as well as partner shopping sites and product review pages. When website visitors see the Norton Trust Seal, they are less likely to abandon a transaction and more likely to do business with you online.

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