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The certificates of choice for more than 100,000 businesses, GeoTrust SSL solutions are keeping transactions secure in over 150 countries. GeoTrust offer a full range of 256-bit encryption SSL/TLS products to customers around the globe at the lowest possible cost, including EV, OV, DV, Wildcard and SAN SSL certificates. Even better, SSL solutions support virtually every browser and popular mobile device. Our friendly SSL consultants are all SSE and SSE+ accredited - qualified experts in GeoTrust SSL certificates. Our impartial, accredited advisors are here to help you browse the GeoTrust range and choose the right SSL certificate for your business.

GeoTrust is an established, well respected security brand, now powered by DigiCert—the most trusted Certificate Authority in the industry.

What you’ll get from your GeoTrust SSL certificate from SSL247®:

  • Up to a $1,500,000 warranty.
  • Additional server licences and replacement certificates at no extra cost.
  • Enhanced confidence in your website and your business, with one of GeoTrust's Extended Validation SSL certificates – the True BusinessID Multi-Domain EV or the True BusinessID EV.
  • A security assessment and SSL recommendation from one of our friendly, accredited SSL advisors, our 30 day money-back guarantee, a MySSL® account and full account management, including technical support.

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The “powered by DigiCert” website seal is an important visual indicator of a site’s trustworthiness. In fact, a recent Frost & Sullivan study found a site seal from a respected brand is one of two primary factors internet users of all experience levels take into account when judging a site’s legitimacy.

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Would you like to find out more about GeoTrust?

We've created a special 'Why GeoTrust?' page to help you decide if this is the right SSL range for your business. 

Alternatively, you can also speak to one of our accredited SSL consultants for impartial SSL advice: 
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