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SSL247®: Official GlobalSign experts

As Europe’s first ever Certificate Authority, GlobalSign is well established and well respected. Right now, this security veteran is keeping millions of people, servers and mobile devices secure around the world. Each of our GlobalSign certificates goes above and beyond SSL security, offering phishing detection as standard. Additionally, GlobalSign is one of the first global CA’s to issue eIDAS qualified certificates

What you’ll get from your GlobalSign certificate from SSL247®:

  • The preferred sign of online security and the most advanced protection against phishing attacks, from the ExtendedSSL with SAN and ExtendedSSL certificates
  • Phishing alerts, keeping your brand and your customers safe
  • Unlimited server licencing and certificate reissues
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption, compatible with all browsers, operating systems, applications and devices
  • You have the option of using the SHA-2 algorithm (encryption of 256-bits) instead of SHA-1 (encryption of 160-bits). Click here to find out more.
  • Get a PenTest for your domain. Contact us to find out more.
  • Up to a $1.5 million warranty
  • Our 30 day money-back guarantee. That's an extra 23 days exclusive to SSL247® customers, on top of GlobalSign's basic 7 day guarantee
  • A free security assessment, a MySSL® account and full account management
GlobalSign Secure Site Seal

A GlobalSign site seal to enhance trust across your site. This will confirm the encryption of private transactions, protection from external tampering and verify the organisation's security.

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