SSL: UC & SAN Certificates for Microsoft Exchange and OCS

Secure all your domains and servers with one certificate

Get a Unified Communications SSL certificate (UC SSL), also known as Subject Alternative Name SSL (SAN certificate), and secure any combination of domains, internal domains, machine names or IP addresses. You can mix and match up from 24 to 209, to suit your needs.

Subject Alternative Name SSL is also perfect for Microsoft Exchange (up to 2013), SharePoint (up to 2013), Lync (up to 2013), Office Communication Server, Office 365. You can secure DNS host names for your client access servers. A SAN SSL certificate will also secure the following services with ease:

  • OWA
  • ActiveSync
  • Outlook Anywhere
  • Autodiscover
  • POP3
  • IMAP4
  • Unified Messaging

Attention! Due to new policy requirements, SSL certificates with SAN can't secure local domains anymore. Please contact us or consult our blog for more information.

Keep your visitors secure at home, at work or on the go…

Unlike wildcards, SAN SSL certificates are fully compatible with mobile browsers, such as smartphones, PDAs, and Blackberries. You’ll get error-free, trusted SSL encryption on both web and mobile browsers. That means you’ll banish SSL warnings of ‘unsecure connections’ across all browsing platforms.

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