SAN Wildcard SSL - The truly flexible and cost effective multi-use certificate

The new SAN Wildcard option delivered by SSL247®, is a multi-use OV certificate that provides greater flexibility to our existing range of solutions. While traditional Wildcard and SAN certificates (also known as UC SSL) is limited to what they can secure, a single SAN Wildcard can contain a mix of up to 100 Fully Qualified Domains (FQDN) and subdomains – lowering administrative costs and simplifying your SSL infrastructure as a result.

Why opt for a SAN Wildcard Certificate

The biggest advantage of a Wildcard SAN is the ability to secure both domains and subdomains with a single OV certificate. It doesn’t matter if you need to secure IP addresses, domains, internal domains or sub domains, the Wildcard SAN certificate can secure any combination of up to 100 domains and subdomains – meaning you can forget the hassle of installing, managing and renewing multiple SSL certificates.

Another advantage of the Wildcard SAN option is that the certificate is Organisation Validated (OV), which means visitors can verify your site’s legitimacy quickly and conveniently without ever having to leave the browser.

On top of this, if you wish to secure additional domains or subdomains later in the future, it can be secured by the same certificate so you can keep adding up to a maximum of 100 domains and sub-domains at no extra charge or administration.

This solution is an incredibly flexible addition to your web security portfolio. Multiple services can be covered with one certificate; as long as the Common Name (CN) of this certificate is not a Wildcard. This means one single certificate will, for example, secure an email server, a remote service, a domain and more.


CN (Common Name): Regular SAN: Wildcard SAN option 1: * Wildcard SAN option 2: *

And since it is only one certificate, you only need to go through the vetting process once, which makes it one of the most convenient and manageable certificates on the market.

Key Features:

  • Greater SSL flexibility
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Simplified SSL certificate management
  • Effortlessly secure (100 maximum) FQDNs and subdomains
  • Secure multiple services under a single OV certificate
  • Requires only one vetting process

Why a Wildcard SAN from SSL247® is your best option:

SSL247® are platinum partners with all major CAs as well as an exclusive "Specialist Partner" of Symantec. We've achieved the ISO 27001:2013 accreditation and even managed to win several prestigious awards on the way to accumulating 10+ years of industry experience– so rest assured we know a thing or two about data security.

Our portfolio of awards and accreditations differentiates SSL247® as THE leading web security experts in Europe. By choosing SSL247® as your accredited SSL consultant, your organisation will gain access to the market leading level of support that SSL247® has become renowned for on top of exclusive market leading benefits including:

  • Exclusive 24/7 access to the premium MySSL® Portal
  • FREE and impartial consultationswith our multi-award winning team of accredited experts
  • Direct line support and access to premium pre-vetting services
  • 10+ years of industry leading experience and expertise
  • Multi-lingual support and direct access to dedicated account managers
  • FREE security assessment to ensure the sustainability of your online business continuity

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