Wildcard SSL - Secure unlimited sub-domains

A flexible, labour-saving, and cost effective solution to securing unlimited subdomains

When you purchase a single Wildcard SSL certificate, multiple services are secured all at the same time

How does it work? 

The Wildcard character (*) is supported, by the certificate, as the prefix to the Fully Qualified Domain Name (e.g. the www. in www.SSL247.co.uk). This then provides SSL security for that entire subdomain level and a wide range of services. To illustrate this, *.SSL247.co.uk would secure www.SSL247.co.uk, mail.SSL247.co.uk, blog.SSL247.co.uk, etc.

A Wildcard is an economical solution to protecting your visitors on all your subdomains; both in terms of administration and cost.

Why opt for a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

The biggest advantage of a Wildcard is the unlimited coverage it provides across all your subdomains. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a couple or hundreds, as long as the subdomains you want secured parallel the position of the *, the Wildcard has them covered. This means you can forget the hassle of installing, managing, and renewing multiple SSL certificates.

Sticking with the unlimited theme, with the exception of the DigiCert Wildcard, all our products have unlimited server licenses. So if your company uses more than one physical server you won’t have to purchase multiple certificates. Your Wildcard will generously offer the same security across them all.

On top of this, any subdomains you may wish to secure later down the line will also be secured by the same certificate. So you can keep adding subdomains at no extra charge and no extra administration.

It’s also an incredibly flexible solution to your web security. Multiple services can be covered with one certificate; as long as the service features at the same level as the *. This means one certificate will, for example, secure an email, a remote service and many more.

And as it’s only one certificate, you only need to go through one vetting process, making it one of the most convenient and manageable certificates on the market.

Why a Wildcard from SSL247® is your best option

Here’s the long and short of it: we offer unparalleled service, pre-vetting, and account management.

When you get in touch, you’re appointed a dedicated account manager. They’re all contactable on a direct line, so you won’t be wasting your - or your business’ - time on protracted phone queues. Plus, your consultant is an SSE+ accredited SSL expert, whose expertise is a valuable, time-saving asset that’s truly hard to come by.

By contrast, if you deal with the majority of the industry you’ll find yourself reciting automated messages and option menus in your sleep. Other non-support orientated traders will give you cowboy service; they’ll take your money, provide no direct contact details, and leave your questions unanswered at the bottom of their generic inbox.

Furthermore, our unique pre-vetting service ensures the issuance of your certificate runs as smoothly as possible, allowing you to establish your subdomains’ security and demonstrate your commitment to your visitors’ security as quickly as possible. We are a platinum partner of all the major CAs; if you deal with a lower-level partner the vetting process of your certificate will find itself at the bottom of the to-do pile. As part of our pledge as a service-based company we do all that is possible to increase the priority of your vetting and issuance.

And so that you can manage your Wildcard and any other SSL products seamlessly and simultaneously, you will also receive FREE access to a modern, slick, and powerful portal for effortless management. With our MySSL® dashboard, management is completely straightforward and hassle-free. It allows you 24/7 access to your SSL portfolio and provides an easy method of renewing your certificates, as well as a variety of flexible payment options. Ultimately, using MySSL® is a refreshing breeze compared to the battle you’d face using some of our competitors’ outdated and clunky legacy systems.

Finally, you've got an industry leading 30 day money-back guarantee. With most of our competitors, you’d be lucky to get a week. So that’s an extra 23 days you have to make up your mind.

Our recommendation

Opt for a Wildcard that offers Organisation Validation for increased trust in your business.

It should be noted that because Wildcard certificates manage multiple subdomains they can be less secure than other alternatives. It would not be wise to use one as your primary certificate solution. However, that doesn’t mean to say they’re not an option worth pursuing – huge companies such as Google use Wildcards for example. As part of a wider security solution, a Wildcard is a highly cost-effective and convenient option. 

However, if you need to secure a Microsoft Exchange 2007/2012, Microsoft Office Communication Server or if you’re looking to commit even further to your customers’ security, then you should consider a SAN certificate.

Although more administration is necessary, each of your subdomains will be vetted individually allowing for increased security of confidential and private data. Moreover with a SAN certificate Extended Validation is also available. This will provide your website with the famous green bar of trust and could lead to a marked improvement in your sales.


But do look to your right for more detailed specs of all our packages.

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