SSL247 Subscription Terms & Conditions

SSL Subscriptions

SSL247 subscriptions for SSL certificates save you time, reduce renewal/admin burden and make your SSL budget go further.

A subscription from SSL247 comprises an initial, and one - or more - future trusted SSL certificates from a trusted CA, for the same certificate common name* spanning a subscription period. SSL certificate authorities (“CAs”) are bound by the CABForum (‘CA/Browser’ Forum) who set requirements for trusted SSL certificates.

By selecting a subscription you will - for the entire subscription duration of 2 to 6 years – have access to an SSL certificate of your choosing or the guarantee of the closest possible SSL alternative if your chosen certificate type is no longer available.

You understand and agree that certificates have a duration of less than the duration of your subscription, and that multiple SSL certificates are needed to span the subscription duration.

You understand and agree that certificate durations are dictated by the CABForum (not by SSL247) and are subject to change. A change in maximum duration will change the number of certificates needed to span your subscription duration.

You understand and agree that SSL247 needs you to reinstall certificates within your subscription duration if you want the certificate to work. A subscription does not mean you avoid having to install valid certificates within the subscription period.

You understand and agree that unused parts or unused whole subscriptions are not refundable or transferrable. E.G. If only 2 years of a 4 year subscription is used, the remaining unused portion is lost.

You understand and agree that common names cannot be changed within a subscription duration.

* Common name example forms:“” or “” or “*” or an IP address etc.