What are the processes involved to start with a Certificate Signing Request for Lotus Domino 5.0?

In order to generate a CSR for Lotus Domino 5.0, please follow these steps:

1. Launch the Domino Administration Client.

2. Select File-Open Server and select the Domino server you wish to administrer.

3. Click the file tab.

4. Double click on Server Certificate Administration database.

5. From the Administration Panel, click System Databases and choose Open Domino Server Certificate Administration on the local machine.

6. Click Create Key Ring.

7. Enter a name for the key ring file and a password.

8. Specify the components of your server's distringuished name.

9. Click Create Key Ring.

10. After you read the information about the jey ring file and distinguished server name, click OK.

11. Click Create Certificate Request.

12. If you want to log information about this request in the Server Certificate Administration application, selectYes in the "Log Certificate Request" field. Otherwise, select No.

13. Click Create Certificate Request. (Make sure you choose a key bit size of 2048 bits)

14. Enter the password for the key ring file that you specified in step 4.

15. Copy/paste the entire contents of the CSR (including the BEGIN and END tags) into our order form.