Create a Certificate Signing Request on Microsoft Azure

Generating CSR with Microsoft Azure

Note Azure does not have capabilities to generate CSR therefore the process requires the support of other web servers such as Microsoft IIS or Apache. This tutorial uses Microsoft IIS as an example.

Step 1: Generating the Certificate Signing Request
  1. Launch Microsoft Internet Information Services
  2. Select Server Certificates in the application's main menu
  3. Hover to the Actions panel located on the right-hand side then select the option Create Certificate Request
  4. Follow the instructions and fill out the correct organisation details (as demonstrated below)

  1. Once the information requested is submitted, IIS will enable the .TXT file to be saved wherever the user requires
  2. When accessing the .TXT file, ensure that information matches the layout displayed in the image below

Once the CSR is generated, CAs require the submission of this CSR.

  1. Return to Server Certificates and select Complete Certificate Request
  2. Enter the required information in the fields and press OK

The CSR is now generated and the process is complete. The next step of the process is to install the certificate which is detailed in our other tutorial for installing SSL certificates in PFX format for Microsoft Azure.

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