What are the tips to Sign your PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional ?

Please follow our Adobe Acrobat instructions to sign your PDF documents using your Adobe CDS certificate:

Sign or Certify your PDF document

1. Open your PDF document with Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional.

2. Click the Signature field and choose to Sign Document, Certify with Visible Signature or Certify with Non Visible Signature.

3. If the document doesn't have any existing signature fields, you're prompted to draw a signature field for your signature.

4. In the Sign Document dialog box, choose your Digital ID from the Sign As menu.

5. The Certify Document box appears. For Appearance, choose to Create New Appearance. Make your own signature appearance.

6. Fill in the Additional Signature Information and choose the Permitted Actions After Certifying.

6. Click Sign.

7. Choose where to Save your PDF file.

8. Enter the Passphrase of your USB token.

9. The Security Warning dialog box appears, click Allow and check Remember my action for this site.

10. You can now see the summary, your PDF document is certified!