How to get a Digital ID to digitally sign my emails with Mozilla Thunderbird ?

To install your Personal ID certificate and sign your emails with Mozilla Thunderbird, please follow these instructions:

Install your Certificate

1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Go to Tools > Options.

3. Click on the Advanced tab and click on View Certificates.

4. In the Your Certificates tab, click on Import and select your Digital ID file.

Sign and Encrypt your email messages

1. Go to Options > Account Settings.

2. Click the Security node.

3. Click Select... under "Use this certificate to digitally sign messages..." and pick up your Digital ID. Click OK.

4. Click OK when you are asked to use the same certificate to encrypt your e-mail.

5. If you want to sign all your messages by default, click Digitally sign messages (by default).

6. Click OK.

7. Click Write to write a new email.

8. You can now digitally sign and encrypt your email messages!