How to have support to install a SSL Certificate for Microsoft ISA Server 2000?

Please follow these instructions to install your SSL certificate on Microsoft ISA Server 2000:

Launch the MMC

If IIS and ISA are on the same server, go directly to step 3.

1. Start > Run > MMC.

2. Go to File and choose Add/Remove Snap in.

3. Choose Add, click Certificates in Standalone Snap-in and then click Add.

4. Choose Computer Account and click Next.

5. Choose Local Computer and click Finish.

Import the .pfx file

The .pfx file is the file containing the certificate and the private key.

1. Go to Personal and then Certificates.

2. Right-click, choose All taks and Import.

3. Select the file to import.

4. Keep the values as default.

Configure Microsoft ISA Server 2000

1. Launch ISA Manager.

2. Right-click on the server you want to secure and click Properties.

3. Click the Incoming Web Requests tab.

4. Click the Internet Protocol (IP) address entry for the site that you are going to host.

5. Click Edit and check Use a server certificate to authenticate to web users.

6. Click Select and select your previously imported certificate.

7. Click OK and click to select the Enable SSL listeners check box.

8. Expand the Publishing folder and click on Web Publishing Rules.

9. Double-click on the Web Publishing Rule that will route the SSL traffic.

10. On the Bridging tab, choose the option to Redirect SSL requests as: "HTTP requests (terminate the secure channel at the proxy)".

11. Click OK.

12. Restart ISA Server.