Three ways PKI can help secure the remote workforce

100% automated, ensuring no disruption due to expiring certificates or keys.

The Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a Public Key Infrastructure Management (PKI) platform that helps provision, authenticate and manage the private digital certificates & keys of your online assets and devices. The platform is 100% automated, ensuring no disruption due to expiring certificates or keys.

We've recently put together a whitepaper which outlines 3 ways a PKI can help you secure a remote workforce. Download the free whitepaper by completing the form below.

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In what way businesses have taken the unprecedented shift to home working environments and the challenges they face.
How IT departments find themselves under increased pressure to scale their networks and provide remote access to employees working remotely.
Three steps you can take using PKI to identify, secure and automate your certificates and keys across multiple devices.

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Sectigo Certificate Manager

A fully automated PKI management platform for securing a digital world.

The Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a platform that can manage digital identities and keys for all your devices, users and applications throughout your organisation. The SCM allows you to have full visibility and lifecycle control over all your digital certificates whilst future-proofing your business against threats.

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Automated PKI Management Platform
Built for the Modern Enterprise

Managing SSL certificates can be a challenge for most of companies. For companies with broad web environments, the lifecycle management process for each SSL certificate can often lead to manual errors or misconfiguration due to unexpected expirations. PKI reduces the risk for these events to happen by providing a full certificate lifecycle management for all of the company's online assets.


Identify, manage and automate the lifecycle of all digital certificates in your environment using ACME and DevOps tools. Instantly issue new certificates at scale across servers and devices to ensure business continuity.

Private PKI

Create and manage your own Private Certification Authority to support your business needs, including securing mobile and IoT devices, DevOps environments, cloud applications and more.

S/MIME Email Signing & Encryption

Ensure any remote workforce is protected and improve email security by providing end-to-end encryption and identity for email communications with seamless end-user deployment across any device.

Code Signing

Ensure software and application integrity by digitally signing your code. Sectigo Code Signing supports all file types from drivers and firmware to scripts and applications.

Mobile Certificate Manager (MCM)

Issue and manage certificates across iOS and Android devices with or without an MDM, without user intervention, for a variety of uses such as S/MIME, Wi-Fi, VPN, and client authentication.


Validate your identity and role as a financial service provider to customers and other businesses, whilst also encrypting and authenticating sensitive data.


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